Celebrating 5 Years of Bleenkies!

September 15, 2016

Hello there! First off, thank you for visiting bleenkies.com! I'm not sure where to start, so I'll just start...


In the begining...


Five years ago I had an idea. After visiting an artists' blog, I noticed that he would do custom drawings, paintings and even custom Vans shoes! He would paint his original characters onto them and they looked awesome! So I thought to myself, "maybe I should try doing something like." Though custom shoes looked cool, I personally wouldn't wear them (just not my style). So I went ahead and asked my friend Mary if she would ever wear something like that. To my surprise she said "YES." So the pressure was on!


The Original Bleenkie...


In thinking about what to paint on her shoes, I really had to think about what she was interested in. One thing was clear, she was a BIG Hello Kitty fan. I also noticed she liked Tokidoki, so then it became really obvious; I needed to create my own original character that she would hopefully like enough to have on her shoes!


After several days and sketches, I finally created Conker Rabbit!!!



 After creating Conker, it was time to test my painting skills...the problem was I wasn't a painter! I decided to test my skills on mini 3x3 inch canvases before investing on some shoes. I bought three mini canvases and one brush. Not sure how I did it, but I destroyed the first two canvases! After the third try though, this is what I came up with!



I was very proud of what I came up with that day, and I still am! After this, I had the idea of making more characters!


Also during this time period, I would go down the L.A. Artwalk every month to check out all the art being sold down there. I thought to myself, "I could do this too." Though I never participated in one of those art walks, I did create more characters. Shortly after that I teamed up with FLOCK SHOP and MONKEYHOUSE TOYS and started selling my work in their shops!


And the rest as they say, is history!





Five years flew by quick! As I look back, I'm very proud of myself. It's not something I tell myself often at all, but I truly am proud and happy for creating these funny critters! These characters have given me the opportunity to meet some amazing artists and people. 


I truly am grateful for everything that I have: my friends, my family and last but definitely not least, my FANS! I still remember the first time I got 50 followers on INSTAGRAM! It blew my mind! I remember telling Mary, "I can't believe so many people like my art!" Now I have 1500 more followers there and it's just even more mind blowing! For some it might not be a lot, but it is for me :)



Can't say this enough: Thank you all who have supported me and continue to support me in this fun journey! I got to admit, there have been some ups and downs, but I'll continue to keep going as long as my art continues to make people happy!


Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!!!


I'll see you guys around!




Oscar Rosales

Bleenkies Artist


P.S. - I still owe Mary her Bleenkies shoes!!!




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